Buy more pay less (quantity table)

Quantity discounts are very popular and a good strategy to incentivise customers to buy more when you have high stock of some products or edible products with a sell-by date to sell out just to give some examples.

buy more, pay less

To create such a rule, first of all make sure you create a Price rule and set it to Quantity discount.

Select product and prices for quantity discount

Then, select the product(s) and prices for this quantity discount as in the screenshot above.

Then, we’ve enabled the quantity & price table to show up on this product as well as the discounted price in loop by enabling the following options:

Quantity tabel and discount in loop

If the quantity table does not show up or you want it to have a different style, make sure the global option Show quantity tables has been enabled from the General settings and the layout and labels are set to your liking.

General settings for all quantity tables
Quantity table global options in “General settings”

Then, we’ve enabled also the option to make sure that this quantity discount cannot be combined with other active discounts:

Disable for on sale products

We’ve set up a custom message to show on the product page and an additional message for higher quantities that will show below the table:

Custom messages settings for quantity rule

Custom messages settings for quantity rule on product page

And that’s it!

Leave all the other options unchanged or refer to this page for more details about all the other settings (scheduling, excluded products, restrictions by role, combine with other discounts etc.).

BOGO deal – Buy one get one

BOGO: buy one get one free. This is one of the most popular promotions in shops, meaning that if you buy something, you get another of the same thing for no extra cost.

BOGO deal

It’s very easy to configure with our plugin, so let’s start. Make sure you create a price rule and set it to Special offer.

BOGO settings

Make sure you select the products or the categories/tags to which this deal apply and then configure the rule as ‘purchase 2, get 1 with 100% discount‘.

Enable the Repeat option to make sure that if your customers purchase more of the same product, they can get the same deal multiple times in the same order. For example if they buy 3 items, they can get another 3 for free.

Finally, set up a custom message that will show on the product page, so your users don’t miss the deal:

BOGO product message

BOGO custom messages on product page

Additionally, as this is a Special offer rule, you will also be able to see this highlighted with a custom text (the rule title) on both the Cart and the Checkout page.

BOGO deal in cart

And that’s it!

Leave all the other options unchanged or refer to this page for more details about all the other settings (scheduling, excluded products, restrictions by role, combine with other discounts etc.).

Conditional offers – Buy X get Y for free

Do you want to offer conditional offers so that only if a certain product is purchased, another one can be given for free? Well, then, this is the rule you were looking for! Let’s see how to set it up.

In our example, we want to offer “Travel accessories” for free if the user buys the “Modern Suitcase”.

This rule is very similar to BOGOF offers for the settings, but the discount applies on a different product of your choice instead of the same product.

conditional discont for suitcase and accessories

First of all it’s a specific type of special offer, so create a new price rule and set it to ‘special offer’.

Conditional special offer

Then, make sure you select the condition, so let’s make sure that the “Modern Suitcase” product is selected in Create a special offer for the purchase of and set the offer rule as buy 1 get 1 with 100% discount.

Conditional special offer settings

The Repeat option is OFF, because the store owner wants to give only 1 set of travel accessories per customer, no matter how many suitcases he/she buys. Enable if you want that for every suitcase, you can have 1 travel set for free.

Then, keep Item quantity in cart line selected so the quantity is calculated for that product only. It does not make any difference if you choose this or another option as long as the conditional product is just one. If the conditional products are more than one, then, refer to this page for a deeper understanding of this option.

Conditional discount based on item quanitty

Now, to make sure that the discount is applied to a different product, enable the option Apply discount to a different product or category and select the “Travel accessories” product.

Conditional offer apply discount on different categorry

Then, make sure you choose if the rule would apply to all users or just selected users or user roles, if you want to schedule the offer and combine it with other discounts or not.

Conditional offer - other settings

Finally, you can also add some custom messages to show on the pages of both products involved in the offer, so:

1. the conditional product, that is the Suitcase

2. and the discounted product, that is the travel set.

Conditional offer - custom messages

Please, note that this second box appears because you have enabled the option Apply discount to a different product or category. If you are setting up a standard BOGOF offer (so discount on the same product), you will not see the second box, as there’s no point in showing it.

Here you can see how the custom messages show on the pages of both products:

BOGOF custom message on conditional product

BOGOF custom message on discounted product

Additionally, as this is a Special offer rule, you will also be able to see this highlighted with a custom text (the rule title) on both the Cart and the Checkout page.

BOGOF on Cart page

3 for 2 Discount

One of the most common promotions is the Buy 2 get 1 free (also called 3 for 2 offers), thanks to which customers can get three items of the same product and only pay for two of them. Let’s see how to configure a 3 for 2 offer on the product “Lemon skin care – cream”.

3 for 2 frontend

First of all, create a new Price rule and set it as Special offer.

3 for 2 offer

The offer is only valid for one specific product “Lemon skin care – cream”, so let’s select it and configure the rule options as below:

3 for 2 on lemon skin

The Repeat option is on because the discount will apply to every 3 Lemon skin products purchased. So, if you buy 6, you will only pay for 4 and so on.

Let’s also set the quantity as based on items in cart, meaning the plugin will check the total quantity of the “Lemon skin” product in cart to apply the discount.

And keep the option Apply discount to a different product or category off: this will make sure that the discount will only apply on the same product that we’ve selected above.

3 for 2 check quantity and discount on same category

Then, we will make sure that this rule is valid for every user (just change the users options if you want to restrict it to specific users or roles), keep every other option disabled except for Disable other rules with lower priority, so that if more than one discount applies to “Lemon skin” and you’ve set up high priority to this rule, only this rule will apply.

3 for 2 other settings

Finally, let’s add some custom text that will show up on the product page, so you can better promote this product:

3 for 2 - Custom messages

If the messages do not show up, just make sure you’ve enabled messages on a global level from Settings > Product page settings, where you can also set the position of the message (please, consider it’s for ALL messages) to Before “Add to cart” button:

3 for 2 message position

Additionally, when you create a special offer, you will be able to show the rule title both in Cart and Checkout to highlight the type of discount the customers is getting.

Rule title

3 for 2 in cart

3 for 2 in checkout

40% on all products – Black Friday sale

Do you want to set up a discount on the entire shop for your Black Friday sale?

You’re just 3 clicks away:

40percent on the entire shop

  1. Create Price rule and set it to Discount on entire shop.
  2. Set up the discount type (percentage %) and value.
  3. Schedule the discount and set up a start and end date:

Schedule settings

That’s it!

Leave all the other options unchanged or refer to this page for more details about all the other settings (custom messages, excluded products, restrictions by role, combine with other discounts etc.).

Category discount

Do you want to quickly enable a discount on all products belonging to a specific category? And maybe schedule it only for one specific sale week?

Then, check out this to see how to set it up in a few clicks.

First of all, create a new rule from Discounts & Price Rules, and select Category discount:

Category discount

Then, configure the type of discount (% discount in this case) and the amount (15) and select the category.

If you want to apply this rule to more categories and with different amounts, you can add more rules.

Category discount 15percent

We are not excluding any product, but if there’s a special product in the category that should not be discounted (for example a bundle which already has a custom price), you can use the Exclude option.

Make sure you enable the Show discount in loop option to show the discounted price on the Shop page and the category page:Show discount in loop

Category discount on category page

Select the users that will benefit from the offer and then schedule the rule if for example you want it to run automatically during Christmas week.

Schedule rule category rule

Finally, make sure you enable or disable the options to combine this discount with other discounts and set up a custom message that will show on the page of every product belonging to the affected category:

Category discount other settings and custom message

Custom message for category discount

Gift products

Do you want to reward your customers with a free gift they can choose on the cart page when buying a specific product? You can!

For customers who add at least 2 “Pepper green shirt” to the cart, you will offer one free gift.

Let’s create a gift product rule for that and select the products that you will offer as free gifts: one among Slippers, Sneakers, Espadrillas, Blue man t-shirt.

Select gift products

If you want the customer to be able to pick more than 1 product, then adjust the value of How many gift products can the user select?

Gift rule product popup

Now you can set up the condition for this free gift, that is adding more than 1 item of product “Pepper green shirt”.

Gift products condition

As an alternative, you can link this free gifts to the cart subtotal amount.

Then, you can restrict the rule only to some users or make sure that everyone can benefit of this free gift as we’ve set below.

Gift product - user restrictions

Finally, you can add some custom messages to incentivise the users to buy more and get a free gift. You can add a custom message both on the page of:

1. the conditional product (so the Pepper green t-shirt)

2. and on the products selectable as free gifts (Slippers, Sneakers, Espadrillas, Blue man t-shirt).

Gift products - custom messages settings

Note on conditional product for gift rule

Note on free product

Spend $100 and get 20% off

Among your selling strategies, you may want to push your customers to spend more with a 20% discount on the condition that they spend a minimum of $100. Additionally, you will also offer free shipping.

For this or similar discounts, you can set up a cart discount rule.

Cart discount settings

This rule has the highest priority, will be activated manually, can be combined with other offers and does not allow free shipping.

To make sure the minimum amount in cart is set up, you can create one condition based on Cart subtotal and set up the minimum amount of $100.

Cart discount condition

Finally, set up the 20% discount in the option below:

Conditions are met

Here you can see how it looks like in cart: the subtotal is $124,48, so a 20% off applies ($24,90):

Subtotal discount