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BOGO deal – Buy one get one

BOGO: buy one get one free. This is one of the most popular promotions in shops, meaning that if you buy something, you get another of the same thing for no extra cost.

bogo example completeIt’s very easy to configure with our plugin, so let’s start.

bogo rule creation

From the ‘Dynamic rules’ popup, we directly select the “BOGO” template.

bogo step 1

  • Create a BOGO rule for the purchase of: Here we select a specific product, because we want to create a rule for the purchase of coffee.

In the “Apply rule to:” section, we select the coffee product that we want to include in this rule.

bogo step 2

We will apply the rule to all users with no exclusions, we do not schedule it. Furthermore, we disable on-sale products, lower priority rules and coupon use.

Now we move to the final step, the custom message to show on the product page.

message on bogo

We will add the text as shown above, so the customer will see the offer on the product page.

coffee bogo example

Now when the customer clicks on ‘add to cart’ the system automatically adds 2 products to the cart 1 + 1 for free.

bogo cart example

The title you gave to the rule, will be visible on both the Cart and the Checkout page.

Leave all the other options unchanged or refer to this page for more details about all the other settings (scheduling, excluded products, restrictions by role, combine with other discounts, etc.).