How to set price and duration for subscription plan

Before starting configuring your plans, please, ensure that the option “Enable Subscription” has been enabled from plugin settings panel available in YIT Plugins > Subscription.

Enable plugin features

Now, you can select the concerned product and click on the option “Subscription”.

Enable subscription in product page

Now you can set a price for the subscription plan.
enter the amount you want to charge into Regular Price/Sale Price. The amount entered here is the recurrent fee for the subscription, that will apply according to what set in the option Price is per.

Price and duration

The subscription available in the image above requires the payment of 20$ every 10 days. You can set a value and a unit of measurement in days, weeks, months or years.
To learn more about payment actions, go to this page.

Using the option “Max Lenght” you can also set an expiry date for the subscriptions: enter here a numeric value to which the unit of measurement entered in “Price per” will apply, so days, weeks, months or years. Next to the input field, you will see the maximum value that can be entered.

Subscription expiration

Information are shown also in product page.

Information in product page

If you have specified an expiration date, but you cannot see it in product page, go to YIT Plugins > Subsription and ensure you have enabled the option “Show total subscription length”.

Plugin settings panel

Add a sign-up fee

Sign-up fee is an additional amount that customers pay when purchasing the subscription. You can specify this amount in the option “Sign-up fee” in WooCommerce product page.

Sign-up fee

The sign-up fee will be shown also in product detail page during checkout, given that the option Show fee info has been previously enabled in YIT Plugins > Subscription.

Show sign-up fee

Add a trial period to your subscription

A trial period allows users to access subscription services for free for a limited time. You can set how long a trial period lasts from the option “Trial period”.

Trial period option

Users are informed about the duration of the trial period in product detail page, given that you have previously enabled the option “Show trial period” in YIT Plugins > Subscription.

Product detail page

One-time shipping

If you don’t want or don’t need to charge the shipping fees every time a subscription order is renewed, just open the subscription product edit page, select the Shipping tab and check the option One time shipping.

Shipping fees will be charged only with the first payment, and not on renewal payments.

One time shipping

Allow users to pause their subscription

To allow your users to pause their subscription, you just have to select the maximum number of pauses allowed in product page.

 Number of pauses

If you don’t want to allow too long pauses, set the maximum number of pause-days in the option “Max duration of pauses”.

When the pause ends, the subscription is automatically resumed and it final expiration date postponed accordingly.
Read more in this page about pausing details of the user.

Defer expiry date

Default behaviour of the plugin deletes immediately the subscription if no fee payment comes in time and in this case the subscription cannot be renewed. In order to avoid this, you can set a deferment period during which users are urged to catch up missing payments to keep benefiting from their subscription. During this period, the subscription status will be switched to “Overdue”.

The feature can be enabled or disabled on all the products with a subscription by activating the specific option you find in YITH Plugins -> Subscriptions.

Subscription deferment

Set the maximum number of days for “overdue” status of subscriptions from the option “Overdue subscriptions”.

The “Overdue pending payment subscriptions after …….. hour(s)” entry allows deciding after how many hours since the expiration of the non-payment the subscription should acquire the “Overdue” status.

Suspension options for subscriptions

If a subscription is suspended, users cannot benefit from their subscription services or content. A subscription will be automatically suspended if the recurrent fee is not paid. The subscription will not be deleted and users will be given the possibility to pay for the missing payment.
To enable suspension of subscription products, enable the option Enable Suspended subscriptions in YIT Plugins > Subscriptions and set the maximum number of days for a “suspended” subscription.

Suspended subscription

If you enable the option “Suspend a subscription if a recurring payment fail” subscriptions will be assigned the status “Suspended” as soon as a failed payment is recorded for that subscription.

The option “Suspend pending payment subscriptions after …….. hour(s)” allows you to set the number of hours that have to pass after payment deadline (or after expiration of “overdue” status”) for the subscription to be assigned the status “suspended

Variable products

The premium version of the plugin supports variable products. You can configure a different subscription for each variation.
The parameters are the same as the ones previously mentioned for “simple” products.
They must be configured within the configuration panel of the single variation.

Variable product

General settings for subscriptions

You can find the complete list of all subscriptions of your site in YIT Plugins -> Subscription -> Subscriptions.

Subscription list3

In the recap table, you can find all these information for each subscription:

  • ID: unique ID of the subscription
  • status: actual status of the subscription (active, paused, cancelled, pending, overdue, trial, expired, suspended)
  • recurring: subscription fee
  • order: order ID of the subscription
  • user: username used for the subscription
  • started: starting date of the subscription that is the same day in which the order has been paid
  • payment due: date in which users will have to make the next payment
  • end date: ending date of the subscription that is the same day in which the subscription gets the “cancelled” status
  • expires: expiring date of the subscription
  • renewals: how many fee users have paid
  • failed attemps: failed renewal attempts. The maximum number of payment attempts allowed by supported payment systems (PayPal and Stripe) is 3; once this threshold is reached, the subscription is switched to the status “cancelled“.
  • membership status: this column can be seen by users who are using the plugin in combination with YITH WooCommerce Membership and shows the status of the membership plan associated to the concerned subscription.

Membership status

To access the details of a subscription, click on the “Edit” option.

Subscription information

You’ll be able to edit both the billing and the shipping details or to load the ones saved by the user.

Edit and load billing and shipping details

If users have previously updated the address from the subscription settings on My Account page, the updated information will be loaded.

On the right, you will find a box in which all activities of the subscription are recorded.

Subscription activity list

With the “Subscription Action”, you can interact with subscriptions.

Subscription actions

Under “Payed Order List”, you can find the list of all orders made by users. Each payment corresponds to a new order.

Payment orders

All subscription statuses available

Subscriptions can have different statuses depending on certain conditions, just like completed payments, expiring dates, or users that pause a subscription plan.

Subscription statuses

These are the following status that subscriptions can have:

  • trial: subscriptions have this status while the trial period and can be cancelled.
  • active: subscription is active and can be cancelled or paused (if set to be paused)
  • paused: subscription is paused and it can be cancelled or reactivated
  • pending: subscriptions can have this status only during the purchase of the users. The order has been completed, but payment is still in pending for administrator.
  • overdue: the recurring fee has not been paid and users are benefitting from the grace period offered by administrators. In this time, the subscription is still active and users have the possibility to make needed payment. Yet, subscriptions can still be cancelled.
    Unless the administrator undertakes ah hoc operations, subscriptions are automatically set to “overdue” the day of payment deadline. In case the option “Enable Overdue time” has been enabled in plugin “Settings” panel, the status will not be immediately switched to “cancelled” but it will still be “active” for the number of hours specified in the option “Overdue pending payment subscriptions after …….. hour(s)”.

Overdue status

  • suspended: the recurring fee has not been paid, the subscription has been suspended, but it has not been cancelled yet.
    Users can still make the needed payment and the subscription can still be cancelled.
    The subscription is given the status “suspended” as soon as the previous one (“active” or “overdue” if applicable) is over or after a specific number of hours after deadline, as specified in the option “Suspend pending payment subscriptions after …….. hour(s)”.

Suspended status

If you have enabled the option “Suspend a subscription if a recurring payment fail”, the subscription is given the status “suspended” as soon as a failed payment is recorded.

  • cancelled: subscription has been cancelled and it can’t be activated anymore. This status is enabled when the subscription expires or after “overdue” or “suspended” status, if applicable.
    If you want to set a delay before this status is assigned, you can set it as the number of hours in option “Cancel pending payment subscriptions after . ……. hour(s)”.

Cancelled status