How to configure subscription plans

Before using YITH WooCommerce Subscription, ensure that the option “Enable Subscription” has been activated in YITH “Plugins > Subscription > Settings”.

Settngs tab

Now choose the product that you want to associate to a subscription and in its editing page, enable the option “Subscription”.

Create new subscription

Now, you can set a price for the subscription plan created, you can set the frequency of payments and maximum duration of the subscription (optional value).

You can set the subscription price as follows: users are required to pay for a fixed amount (Regular Price) every day/month for the number days/months you set (Max Lenght) since start of the subscription.

We suggest you enable the option “Sold Individually” available among WooCommerce settings in product edit page, as it would make no sense for the same user to purchase the same subscription plan twice.

Product editing single

This is how the customer will see his/her product.

frontend subscription view

We have set a sample subscription that charges the user of 10$ every 10 days. This entails that the user will be charged twice.