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How to configure subscription plans

To create a subscription-based product, go to the editing page and enable the checkbox “Subscription”.

How to create a subscription-based product

Now, you can set a price for the subscription plan created, you can set the frequency of payments and maximum duration of the subscription (optional value).

You can set the subscription price as follows: users are required to pay for a fixed amount (Regular Price) every day or month.

You can specify if the subscription has an end time or not by using the options Never or Set and end time. By selecting Set an end time, you will be able to define the number of days/months after which the subscription will end.

If you don’t want the same user to purchase the same subscription plan more than once, enable the option Apply subscription limits and choose whether to allow only one subscription with the active status or one subscription with any status.

How to apply limits on the subscription

This is how the customer will see his/her product.

Subscription limit on frontend