What an admin can do with subscriptions

All actions applied by administrators are recorded in YTT Plugins -> Subscription -> Activities.

Subscription actions

Search for a specific subscription using the dedicated search box and specifying the subscription name or ID.

Search subscription

Administrators can change subscription status when they want: go to the “Subscriptions” section of the settings panel of the plugin and select the related subscription. You can change the status with the action available in “Subscription Action”.

Subscription actions

There is a difference between “Cancel Subscription” and “Cancel Subscription Now”.

If you select “Cancel Subscription”, the subscription will be set to “Cancelled” but it will expire on the day when the renewal is due; whereas if you select  “Cancel Subscription Now”, it will expire in that very moment. This is particularly important if the subscription is linked to any other tool that grants access to contents as long as the subscription is not expired.

What users can do with their subscriptions

“My Account” page

In the “My Account” page, users can find the complete list of their subscriptions.

Subscription list

Click on the “View” button to view the details pof a subscription.

Subscription detail

Pause the plan

An active subscription can be paused if this has been configured correctly. In order to do it, users just have to access to the detail page of the subscription and click on the “Pause” button.

Subscription on pause

Pause configuration for admins

Cancel the plan

You have to activate “Allow customer to cancel subscriptions” in YIT Plugins -> Subscriptions -> Settings in order to allow users to cancel their subscription in the “My Account” page.


Allow to cancel the plan from 'My Account' page


Users can cancel subscription with the “Cancel” button they can find in the detail page of the subscription.


How users can cancel the plan

Pay the fee

The detail page of the subscription shows the date in which the new payment of the subscription is due.


Next payment date


If users have chosen PayPal, the payment will be done automatically. On the contrary, if they have chosen bank transfer or check, the day before the expiration date, a new order will be created with a “Pay” button they can use to complete the payment.


Payment button

Renew the plan

Users can renew their subscriptions clicking on the “Renew” button they can find in the detail page.


Renew subscription

Edit subscription billing and shipping address

If users need to update or simply change the billing or shipping address they can change it from the usual Addresses entry in My Account menu.

Yet, if they have more than one subscription, they can edit the address once and have it updated on all active subscriptions in one move. Checking the option Update this address also for my active subscriptions and saving will do the job.

Edit address

All future renewal orders will use the updated address.

Address in renewals

Force payment on My Account page

Whenever the first payment does not go through on the first payment attempt, your users might have to wait for a few days before the second attempt is made and their subscription can be re-activated.

Don’t make them get angry or nervous and allow them to force the payment right from My Account page.

If you are either using YITH Stripe Connect or YITH PayPal PayOuts for WooCommerce, your users will be able to see a button named Renew Now next to the suspended subscription plan.

To enable this feature, go to YITH Plugins > Subscription and check the option called Show the Renew Now button on My Account > Orders.


Clicking on that button will let your customers force the payment and solve the issue in quick few steps and totally independently.


Please, note: the button only appears after the first payment attempt fails and under My Account > Orders.

Moreover, it is only available if you are either using YITH Stripe Connect or YITH PayPal PayOuts for WooCommerce.

Remove subscription

If you enable the option “Delete subscription if the main order is cancelled” in plugin settings panel, subscriptions will be cancelled (and so removed) as soon as the associated order is cancelled.

Cancel subscription

Automatic payment methods for users

Automatic Payments

Every subscription payment is consists of three phases:

  • Initial subscription;
  • Periodic fee;
  • Subscription renewal.

For the first step (initial subscription) users can choose any of the payment methods available in the checkout page. It is important to highlight that the payment method chosen during the purchase will be the same for all periodic fees that users will have to pay.


If users choose PayPal, they don’t have to remember paying the new fee each time, because the plugin allows automatic withdrawal of the fee.
In case the owed amount is not available in users´ PayPal account, the subscription will be cancelled or will switch to “Overdue” or “Suspended” status, if they have been allowed.

To let the plugin work correctly, it is necessary that your PayPal account (compulsory for any type of business) has been set to receive multi-currency payments. If you haven’t set this option in your PayPal account yet, follow the guidelines described below:

  • Go to www.paypal.com/ and access to your business account;
  • Click on My Account and then on Profile;
  • Open section My Selling Tools;
  • In Getting paid and managing my risk , click on update next to the entry Block Payments

PayPal account settings

  • Set the option ‘allow payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold’ to ‘yes, accept and convert theme to U.S. Dollars’

Allow multi-currency payments


YITH WooCommerce Subscription is 100% compatible with YITH WooCommerce Stripe. By using these two plugins you could enable “Stripe” as possible payment method for purchases with subscriptions.

Integrate with Stripe

If you use YITH WooCommerce Stripe, you will be able to add more than one subscription-based products into the same cart and buy them in the same order. Yet, the date for the payment can’t be edited in any way and refers to the day when the first subscription payment occurred. This feature is supported on other payment gateways. Please, read more about the supported gateways and what changes they allow on this page.

YITH Stripe Connect for WooCommerce

Please, refer to  this specific page to see which features this plugin supports if installed with YITH Subscriptions.

YITH PayPal Express Checkout for WooCommerce

Please, refer to this specific page to see which features this plugin supports if installed with YITH Subscriptions.

Other payment methods

For all other payment methods, check this page here.


Other payment methods

Other payment methods

For all other payment methods, than those mentioned on this page, there is no way to automate the payment system. It is up to the user to remember paying the periodic fee within the deadline, to avoid that the subscription is cancelled or suspended.

We have to make a remark about users who have paid through bank transfer. In this case a new order is generated automatically one day before the periodical fee deadline and it is set to “pending”: it will be available for the user in his “My Orders” section in his “My Account” page.

Pay button

Once clicked on the button “Pay”, users will be redirected to checkout page where they can complete the order that allows them to pay the current fee.

Pay button


The plugin allows you to create new types of coupons:

  • Subscription sign-up discount: discount on sign-up fee (if any). The coupon can either remove a fixed price or a percentage of the sign-up fee.
  • Subscription recurring discount: discount on the subscription periodic fee. The coupon can either remove a fixed price or a percentage of each periodic fee.

Coupons can be configured in WooCommerce > Coupons, as well as for any WooCommerce default coupon.

Configure coupon

Privacy settings

From WooCommerce 3.4 and WordPress 4.9.6 versions, users can submit an erasure request, so their own data will be deleted or anonymized.

In some cases, though, it is not possible for a business to remove the data linked to orders, in many countries the shop owner is bound to keep invoicing information for some years.

The plugin lets you handle this based on your business and accounting requirements.

Go to YITH Plugins > Subscription > Privacy to set up the privacy settings related to subscription orders.

You will find the option Account erasure requests option under the Privacy settings section.

If you check this option, whenever customers request the erasure or anonymization of their data, these will be removed from subscriptions as well. Please, note that active subscriptions will be cancelled.

Privacy settings

Under the Personal data retention, you will find two options to choose how long customers’ information has to be retained if needed for processing or accounting reasons. You can specify this information both for pending and for cancelled subscriptions.


The premium version of YITH WooCommerce Subscription sends automatically an email to users and/or to the shop admin when certain conditions become true.
Email settings can be changed in WooCommerce > Settings > Emails.

Email settings

Emails generated with the plugin are the following:

  • subscription status: this email is sent to the admin to inform him/her about users that have paused or resumed a subscription.
  • subscription cancelled: this email is sent to users when they cancel a subscription.
  • subscription suspended: it is sent to users when a subscription switches to ‘suspended’.
  • subscription expired: it is sent to users when the subscription expires.
  • subscription is going to expire: it is sent to users one day before subscription expires.
  • subscription paused: sent to users when a subscription is paused.
  • subscription resumed: sent to users when a subscription is resumed.
  • subscription payment request: sent to users when payment has not been received within periodic payment expiration date.
  • subscription payment made: sent to users when shop admin receives payment.
  • subscription payment failed: sent to users whenever a payment attempt fails.

Admin can choose to be sent a copy of each email sent to users. To do that, you just have to enable the option Send to admin in settings for each of the above listed emails.

Copy admin on email

General information about Upgrade and Downgrade

Upgrade and Downgrade procedures let users change their subscription from the “My Account” page. In order to allow this change, both plans have to be configured in the same product which has to be necessarily a variable product.

Variable product

If we create three kind of subscriptions, giving users the freedom to move from one to another, we need to create a variation for each subscription.
For our example, we have created the “plan” attribute and the three variations “Bronze”,”Silver” e “Gold”.

Product variations

Now we can configure our variations, as we would do with simple products.

Product variations

To enable the switch of the configured plans, you need to activate the “Allow switch to this variation”option on both plans.

Allow plan change

With the “Priority” option, you can set the hierarchic importance of the configured subscriptions. With our example, let’s try to organize the plans in this way:

  • Bronze: 1
  • Silver: 2
  • Gold: 3

If our user has a “Silver” plan, and he/she wants to switch to the “Gold” plan, he/she will make an upgrade. On the contrary, if he/she switches from “Silver” to “Bronze”, he/she would make a “downgrade”.

To complete this operation, users have to go to the detail page of the subscribed plan in the “My Account” page, select the new plan and click on the “Swtich” button.

Change subscription

Let’s analyze deeply these two actions, explaining how users can complete them and what these imply for payment management.

Switch to higher priority

An “Upgrade” happens when users want to switch to a subscription plan with a higher “priority”.
Clicking on the “Switch” button, users will be redirected to the “Checkout” page to complete the order of the new subscription plan.The total of the new order will be equal to the amount of the new subscription plan (including the possible sign-up fee). On the contrary, activating the option “Permit catch up payment when upgrading” in the administration panel of the subscription plan, the system will behave differently.

Catch up payment on upgrade

This option allows users to subscribe the new plan paying also the difference of the past monthly fee. Because of this, after selecting the plan on which allow the upgrade, users will see an additional choice.

Detail page of the subscription

I subscribe the silver plan (20$ per month for a year)They won’t pay the complete amount of the past payments of the new plan, but only the difference between the total payments of the new plan and the old plan, sign-up fee excluded (if available). Let’s make an example.

  1. After three months, I decide to switch to the Gold plan (40$ per month for a year), and to pay the already passed monthly fee fo the Gold plan (to benefit from all included resources)
  2. At the checkout, we will have to pay 100$:
    40$ (gold plan fee) +
    60$, the difference between the total amount of three Gold payments (120$) and the three Silver payments already paid (60$).