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General settings

From the General settings tab, you can set all the general plugin options.

Here you will find three different sections.

1. General settings

General settings - free

  • Stock management with recurring payments: through this option, you can decide whether renewal orders affect the stock count of subscription products.
  • Delete subscription if the main order is cancelled: enable this option if you want to delete the subscription when main order is cancelled.

Extra settings

Extra settings - free

  • Shop manager can manage subscription settings: By enabling this option, you can allow the shop manager to edit the subscription setting options.

GPDR & Privacy

GPDR and Privacy - free

  • Delete personal info after an account erasure request: by enabling this option, all personal information will be erased if a request is made by the customer.
  • Delete pending and cancelled subscriptions: by enabling this option, subscriptions will be trashed after a specific number of days, weeks, months, or years, entered in the related fields.