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Supported gateways

Here is a list of all the gateways supported by YITH Subscription plugin. You will be able to start automatic recurring payments with all of them, but the options allowed by each of them vary. You can compare them in the following table.

 Standard featuresChanges allowed
 CancellationPauseMultiple subscriptions in cartAmountPayment date
PayPal Standard
YITH WooCommerce Stripe – Premium
YITH PayPal Braintree
YITH PayPal Express Checkout*
YITH WooCommerce Stripe Connect
YITH WooCommerce Account Funds
WooCommerce Amazon Pay
WooCommerce Stripe (credit card only)
WooCommerce eWay Gateway
WooCommerce Payments
WooCommerce PayPal Payments
WooCommerce Redsys Gateway

* In order to manage recurring payments it is necessary that the reference transactions are active on your PayPal account. Verify through PayPal support if they are active before implementing the payment method.