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General settings

You can set all the general plugin options from the ‘General settings’ tab in YITH > Subscription.

Here you will find four different sections.

1. General settings

Subscription general settings

  • User can add to cart: Decide if the user can add multiple subscription products to the cart or not. If you select ‘Only one subscription product‘ the user cannot add more than one subscription product to the cart, even though the payment method would allow it.
  • Allow users to manually renew a subscription: Decide if the user can pay a subscription renewal manually. If you select “No” the checkout page will only show payment methods that support automatic payments. You can find a list of supported gateways here.

Stock management with recurring payments

After this part, you will be able to set up how to manage the stock of products with recurring payments.

  • Stock management with recurring payments: Decide if renewal orders affect the stock count of subscription products.

Recurring not paid

Missing payments and subscription pauses

  • If a recurring payment is not paid: Decide what will happen when a recurring order does not get paid, you can choose from 3 different statuses:
    Overdue, Suspended, and Cancelled.
    In combination with YITH WooCommerce Membership these statuses have the following behavior:

    • Overdue (no payment received but the user can keep using the subscription).
    • Suspended (temporary no access to the subscription, until payment is made).
    • Cancelled (no longer able to use the subscription, this action is irreversible)

general settings 2

  • Allow users to pause subscriptions: Decide if users can pause their subscription and if so, with or without limits.
    • Subscription pausing limits: Set the number of times a subscription can be paused, and the duration of each pause in days.

These are general rules, you can create custom pausing rules per subscription which will override the rules you have set here (step 5).

  • Delete subscription if the main order is cancelled: Enable in order to delete the subscription when main order is cancelled.

2. Synchronize payments to a specific day

Then, you will find a set of options related to the synchronization of payments on a specific day.

  • Synchronize all recurring payments to a specific day: Choose if you want to synchronize subscription payments to a specific day of the week, month, or year. For example each Monday or the first day of each month. You can do that for all products or specific products/categories. Available options:
    • Never
    • For all products: You will be able to exclude some products or categories if this option is selected.
    • Only for virtual products:  You will be able to exclude some products or categories if this option is selected.
    • For specific products
    • For specific categories: You will be able to exclude some products if this option is selected.

Based on the selected option, you will be able to see additional settings:

  • Choose the categories of products that you want to exclude from the synchronization
  • Choose the products that you want to exclude from the synchronization
  • Choose how to manage the first subscription payment at signup:
    • Don’t charge any amount (if set only signup fee will be charged): When you create a subscription product, you can choose on which day to synchronize renewals and charge the subscription payment to your users.
    • Charge a prorated payment: The user will pay a part of the recurring amount, calculated automatically based on the days left till the renewal. (Renewal day is set on the subscription product page)
      Please, note: if the product includes a trial period, no prorated amount will be charged, so the next payment date will be automatically set as the first renewal date.

      For example, the product costs 50€ a month, with a one-week trial period and payments are taken on the 1st of every month. If the customer subscribes on February 1st, he will get one week free and pay 50€ from March 1st onward.

    • Charge the full recurring amount, regardless of the number of days left for the next renewal date.
  • Show additional information about the synchronization: Enable if you want to show additional information about the synchronization on the product page.
  • Postpone the first payment if the next synchronized payment is less than X days: Use this option to avoid charging the user twice in quick succession if a subscription has been bought near a renewal date.

You can continue with the settings from the product detail page (details here) where you will be able to configure the sync option based on every product billing cycle.

Please, note, the synchronization settings can only apply to new subscriptions (so subscriptions started after the settings are saved) and it does not apply to ongoing subscriptions.

3. Subscription delivery schedules

In this section you will be able to schedule deliveries for those subscriptions which renewal payment does not match with the delivery date. For example, you might sell a monthly subscription to a printed magazine that is billed yearly.

In this case, you will charge your users yearly, so the renewal order will be generated every one year, but you will need a tool to schedule and prepare all the monthly shipping. This is what this Delivery schedules option will help you with. Let’s see which options are available:

Set a delivery schedule for subscription products:

  • Nothing: no delivery schedule needed
  • For all products: you will be able to exclude some products or categories if this option is selected.
  • Only for non-virtual products: you will be able to exclude some products or categories if this option is selected.
  • For specific products: you can select the products below
  • For specific categories: you will be able to exclude some products if this option is selected.

Default delivery schedule: you can choose how frequently the subscription products have to be delivered. This is a global setting that can be overridden inside the product page.

Synchronize delivery schedules: enable this option if you want to ship the product on a specific day, for example, every 1st of the month or every Monday.

If the product recurrence is set in days, you will not be able to set a synchronization day.

If the product recurrence is set in weeks, you will be able to choose the day of the week. Please, note that if the billing cycle is 2 weeks and Monday, it will always be the first Monday every two weeks.

If the product recurrence is set in months, you will be able to choose the day of the month, from day 1 to day 28, or the end of the month, which may vary from month to month. For some months, it can be the 28, others 30th or 31st.

If the product recurrence is set in years, you will be able to choose month and day, for example January 1st or June 30th every year.

These general settings will apply to your product selection, but you will be able to override this on a product or variation level. For more information see here.
Once your users start subscribing products with specific delivery schedule options, you will be able to manage the deliveries when they are just to come from the tab Delivery Schedules in the plugin panel. Please, refer to this page for more information.
Show delivery schedule info in product page: enable if you want to show information about the delivery schedule on the frontend on the product page.
Subscription delivery on frontend

4. Extra settings

  • Shop manager can manage subscription settings: Allow the shop manager to edit the subscription setting options.
  • Staging mode: keep this option enabled if you need to clone your site to make some tests. This option will be automatically enabled on the cloned site to avoid double charges on your users’ accounts. If you are sure the cloned site is not on staging mode (and so payments can be regularly charged), then, disable this option.
  • Enable log:  This allows enabling the plugin logs.

5. Privacy settings (GDPR)

  • Delete personal info after an account erasure request: All personal information will be erased if request is made by customer.
  • Delete pending and cancelled subscriptions: Subscriptions will be trashed after a set duration, choosing from days, weeks, months, years.