General settings

You can set al the general plugin options from the ‘General settings’ tab in YITH > Subscription.

General settings

  • User can add to cart: Decide if the user can add multiple subscription products to the cart or not. If you select ‘Only one subscription product‘ the user cannot add more than one subscription product to the cart, even though the payment method would allow it.
  • Stock management with recurring payments: Decide if renewal orders affect the stock count of subscription products.

Recurring not paid

  • If a recurring payment is not paid: Decide what will happen when a recurring order does not get paid, you can choose from 3 different statuses:
    Overdue, Suspended and Cancelled.
    In combination with YITH WooCommerce Membership these statuses have the following behavior:

    • Overdue (no payment received but user can keep using the subscription).
    • Suspended (temporary no access to the subscription, until payment is made).
    • Cancelled (no longer able to use the subscription, this action is irreversible)

general settings 2

  • Allow users to manually renew a subscription: Decide if the user can pay a subscription renewal manually. If you select “No” the checkout page will only show payment methods that support automatic payments. You can find a list of supported gateways here.
  • Allow users to pause subscriptions: Decide if users can pause their subscription and if so, with or without limits.
    • Subscription pausing limits: Set the number of times a subscription can be paused, and the duration of each pause in days.

These are general rules, you can create custom pausing rules per subscription which will override the rules you have set here (step 5).

  • Delete subscription if the main order is cancelled: Enable in order to delete the subscription when main order is cancelled.

Extra settings

Shop manager and gdpr

  • Shop manager can manage subscription settings: Allow the shop manager to edit the subscription setting options.
  • Enable log:  This allows enabling the plugin logs.

Privacy settings (GDPR)

  • Delete personal info after an account erasure request: All personal information will be erased if request is made by customer.
  • Delete pending and cancelled subscriptions: Subscriptions will be trashed after a set duration, choosing from days, weeks, months, years.