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Cart and checkout page

To set different texts for subscription type products in the cart and checkout pages, go to YITH > Subscription > Customization.

Cart and checkout customization

  • “Place order label” in checkout page: Tekst that replaces ‘place order’ for subscription type products in checkout page.
  • Enter a text for the free trial period to show on cart: Where {{trialtime}} is eg. ’10 days’.
  • Show total subscription length: Enable to show the total length (only shown if subscription has an end date).
  • Enter a text for the subscription total: Where {{sub-time}} is eg. 8 weeks multiplied by {{sub-total}} eg. 90,00$ makes 720,00$.
  • Show next billing date: First payment date after the free trial ends.
  • Enter a label for the next billing info: Next upcoming payment date, after the initial payment date.
  • Enter a label for the next billing info in case of a trial: Tekst for first payment date after free trial ends.

2 checkout examples below:

checkout examples

  • Thank you page layout: Decide how to show the subscription details on thank you page, either in a table or in a separate box.

In table:

Thank you table

Separate box:

Thank you separate box

These texts will only be shown on cart and checkout pages, you can set a different text for shop- and product pages, check the settings here.

Don’t forget to scroll all the way down on the settings page, and save your changes.