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Subscription in my account page

To decide which options and texts the user will see in the My account page, you have to go to YITH > Subscription > Customization.

Subscription section customization

  • Show the Cancel button on My Account > Subscriptions: Decide if you want to give the customer the option to cancel from the my account page.
  • Show the Resubscribe button on My Account > Subscriptions: Decide if you want the give the customer the option to resubscribe to the same subscription.
    • Maintain the same price of the previous subscription: Enable if you want the customer to pay the same price as before, disable to pay the actual price.
  • Show the Renew Now button on My Account > Orders: Decide if user will be able to force the payment himself, if at least one failed payment attempt is registered (Note: each time the user forces a payment it counts as an attempt).
  • Pause/Cancel subscription style: Choose to either show the options as buttons or in a dropdown.

2 options on my account

If you choose to show the options in a dropdown, you can edit the texts in YITH > Subscription > Customization, as shown below.

Dropdown text

If the customer chooses any of the options from the My account page (pauze, resume, cancel) a popup will appear. You are able to customize the text of these popups and the buttons in YITH > Subscription > Customization. In the images below you’ll see an example of the popup and its settings.

Pause subscription

pauze text

Resume subscription

resume text

Cancel subscription

cancel text