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Product page

To customize the product pages of the subscription product, and the look of subscription-type products on the shop page, go to YITH > Subscription > Customization.

Subscription customization tab

Subscription customization tab

  • “Add to cart” label in subscription products: Change label in shop- and product page.
  • Show trial period: Show trial period on the shop- and product page
  • Enter the text for the free trial period: Where {{trialtime}} is eg. ’10 days’.
  • Free trial text color: Choose the color of the text.
  • Show fee info: Show sign-up fee information on the shop- and product page.
  • Enter a text for the fee info: Where {{feeprice}} is eg. ‘$9,99’.
  • Fee info text color: Choose the color of the text.

Shop page example:

Shop page example

Product page example:

Product page example

These texts will only be shown on the shop and product pages, you can set a different text for checkout- and cart pages, check the settings here.

Note: Don’t forget to scroll all the way down on the settings page, and save your changes.