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The plugin will automatically send an email to users and/or to the shop admin when certain conditions are met. Email settings can be managed from WooCommerce > Settings > Emails.

Besides the default emails, you will also find the emails generated by the plugin.


  • Subscription status: Sent to admin to inform about a status change in subscriptions (user paused/resumed etc).
  • Subscription cancelled: Sent to users when a subscription is cancelled.
  • Subscription suspended: Sent to users when subscription switches to ‘suspended’.
  • Subscription expired: Sent to users when the subscription is expired.
  • Subscription is going to expire: Sent to users 1 day before subscription expires.
  • Subscription paused: Sent to users when a subscription is paused.
  • Subscription resumed: Sent to users when a subscription is resumed.
  • Subscription payment request: Sent to users when payment has not been received within periodic payment expiration date.
  • Subscription renew reminder: Sent as a reminder for the next payment a certain number of days before the due date (default 15 days).
  • Subscription payment made: Sent to users when shop admin receives payment.
  • Subscription payment failed: Sent to users whenever a payment attempt fails.
  • Subscription Delivery Schedules: sent to users whenever a scheduled delivery is set to shipped.

The admin can decide if he wants to receive a copy of each email. Click on the email you wish to receive a copy of, and enable ‘Send to admin?’.

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