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Options sets

From the Block settings > Options tab, click on + Add options and you will be able to choose between one of the following types of options sets:

  • Checkbox
  • Radio
  • Input text
  • Textarea
  • Color swatch
  • Number
  • Select
  • Label or image
  • Product
  • Date
  • File Upload

For every option set, you can enter a title that will help you identify it in the options list of the block:

Option title and list of options

Also, after closing the options set, you will see them all in a list and using the buttons on the right, for each set you can:

  • edit
  • duplicate
  • delete
  • move with drag&drop
  • enable/disable the block in one click.
Actions on the options sets

For every options set, you will see different settings tabs:

Available settings for options

Let’s start with the Populate options tab >