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Advanced settings

For every options set, you can configure also some more advanced settings, let’s see what this tab offers.

Advanced settings

Set the first selected options as free

Enable to set a specific number of options as free. For example, the first three pizza ingredients are free and included in the product price. The user will pay for the fourth ingredient.

In the example below, you can see that the product price does not change for the first 3 ingredients, but it adds $2 per any additional ingredient selected after the fourth.

The first 3 options are free

Selection type

  • Single: user can select only ONE of the options available
  • Multiple: user can select MULTIPLE options

Please, note, this tab and this functionality is only available for the following options sets:

  • checkbox
  • color swatch
  • label or image
  • product

Minimum, maximum, exact number of options selected

Moreover, if you select Multiple in the option above, you will be able to also set a minimum and/or a maximum number of selectable options, or the exact number of options that the user has to select.

Example: I would like the user to select a minimum of 2 ingredients for the pizza, but a maximum of 5.

Force selection

If you want to force users to select an option before proceeding with the purchase, you can enable the option Force user to select an option.

Force users to select an option

Please note – This option is available only in the Select type.

Sell options individually

By enabling Sell options individually, the options selected by the user will be added to the cart in a separate row. In this case, option prices won’t change based on the purchased product quantity.