Switch to higher priority

An “Upgrade” happens when users want to switch to a subscription plan with a higher “priority”.
Clicking on the “Switch” button, users will be redirected to the “Checkout” page to complete the order of the new subscription plan.The total of the new order will be equal to the amount of the new subscription plan (including the possible sign-up fee). On the contrary, activating the option “Permit catch up payment when upgrading” in the administration panel of the subscription plan, the system will behave differently.

Catch up payment on upgrade

This option allows users to subscribe the new plan paying also the difference of the past monthly fee. Because of this, after selecting the plan on which allow the upgrade, users will see an additional choice.

Detail page of the subscription

I subscribe the silver plan (20$ per month for a year)They won’t pay the complete amount of the past payments of the new plan, but only the difference between the total payments of the new plan and the old plan, sign-up fee excluded (if available). Let’s make an example.

  1. After three months, I decide to switch to the Gold plan (40$ per month for a year), and to pay the already passed monthly fee fo the Gold plan (to benefit from all included resources)
  2. At the checkout, we will have to pay 100$:
    40$ (gold plan fee) +
    60$, the difference between the total amount of three Gold payments (120$) and the three Silver payments already paid (60$).