All subscription statuses available

Subscriptions can have different statuses depending on certain conditions, just like completed payments, expiring dates, or users that pause a subscription plan.

Subscription statuses

These are the following status that subscriptions can have:

  • trial: subscriptions have this status while the trial period and can be cancelled.
  • active: subscription is active and can be cancelled or paused (if set to be paused)
  • paused: subscription is paused and it can be cancelled or reactivated
  • pending: subscriptions can have this status only during the purchase of the users. The order has been completed, but payment is still in pending for administrator.
  • overdue: the recurring fee has not been paid and users are benefitting from the grace period offered by administrators. In this time, the subscription is still active and users have the possibility to make needed payment. Yet, subscriptions can still be cancelled.
    Unless the administrator undertakes ah hoc operations, subscriptions are automatically set to “overdue” the day of payment deadline. In case the option “Enable Overdue time” has been enabled in plugin “Settings” panel, the status will not be immediately switched to “cancelled” but it will still be “active” for the number of hours specified in the option “Overdue pending payment subscriptions after …….. hour(s)”.

Overdue status

  • suspended: the recurring fee has not been paid, the subscription has been suspended, but it has not been cancelled yet.
    Users can still make the needed payment and the subscription can still be cancelled.
    The subscription is given the status “suspended” as soon as the previous one (“active” or “overdue” if applicable) is over or after a specific number of hours after deadline, as specified in the option “Suspend pending payment subscriptions after …….. hour(s)”.

Suspended status

If you have enabled the optionĀ “Suspend a subscription if a recurring payment fail”, the subscription is given the status “suspended” as soon as a failed payment is recorded.

  • cancelled: subscription has been cancelled and it can’t be activated anymore. This status is enabled when the subscription expires or after “overdue” or “suspended” status, if applicable.
    If you want to set a delay before this status is assigned, you can set it as the number of hours in optionĀ “Cancel pending payment subscriptions after . ……. hour(s)”.

Cancelled status