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Enable shipping module for vendors

If you want to allow vendors to manage shipping costs, it is essential to enable the option “Enable shipping module” you can find in the “Add-Ons” section of the plugin settings dashboard.

Enable shipping module

How and where can vendors edit the shipping settings? 

The shipping must be configured in Vendor Profile -> Shipping.

Shipping options for vendor

In this section, they must configure the following options:

  • Default Shipping Price: amount added by default when the cart includes at least one product
  • Per Product Additional Price: amount added when the cart includes an additional product different from the one previously added
  • Per Qty Product Additional Price: additional amount for each product of the same type added to cart
  • Processing time: average time spent to process and ship the orders. It’s showed on product detail page (with shipping and refund policy)
  • Shipping and Refund Policy: information showed to user inside the product detail page
    Shipping information
    Note: The administrator can edit the label of the “Shipping info” tab through the option “Shipping Info Tab” available in the tab “Front page” of the plugin settings dashboard.
  • Shipping from: country where vendor’s shop is located

The last step is the configuration of shipping zones and related methods.

Select-remove countries in shipping area



To resolve any possible doubt about shipping costs applied to the cart, we provide an example.

Checkout page

In this case, the shipping cost configuration is as follows:

  • Shipping method (flat rate): €100
  • Default shipping price: €10
  • Per product additional price: €5
  • Per qty product additional price: €1

The cart total is calculated as follows:

€100 (default amount of the shipping method “Flat rate” for the product vendor )
€10 (a one-time amount added if at least one product is in the cart)
€5 (amount due for the second product added to cart. If adding 3 products, the amount would be €10)
€4 (€1 for each additional copy of the product added to cart. In the sample, 4 copies)

Total: €119