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Product management

All the vendors in the shop can organize their own products directly in their reserved area logging to the site through their access credentials.
However, you have the chance to limit the number of products they can place in the site enabling in “YITH Plugins -> Multi Vendor -> Vendors” the “Enable product amount limit” field and inserting an amount limit.

Maximum number of products per vendor

As the default, products connected to vendors are displayed both in vendor’s detail page and in WooCommerce file archive pages. In any event, this behavior can be changed by activating “Product listings” option. In this case, users will have access to products only in the vendor’s detail page. We suggest you insert YITH Vendor List widget to simplify the research to users.

Product listing

Skip admin review

Every new product can be directly published by the vendor or only after the administrator’s review. If you think your approval isn’t essential you can enable “Skip admin review” option.

Skip admin review

It is a general option which is valid for all vendors registered in the shop. However, you can set a different behavior for each vendor by enabling or disabling the same field in vendor’s configuration page. (For more details about vendor’s detail settings browse this page).

Skip admin review for single vendor

If you changed “Skip admin review” option in plugin settings dashboard and you want to make the change valid for all vendors
registered in the shop, click “Force “Skip reviews” option for all vendors” button.

Assign products manually

The super administrator can associate the product with the vendor manually in two different ways:

  • singularly: the vendor is selected in edit product pageSelect vendor
  • in a massive way: after selecting all the products, select the vendor after clicking on “Edit” from“Bulk Actions” menu.Bulk edit products