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Order management

On this page we will deal with everything related to orders in a multi-vendor environment:

Orders and vendors suborders

If you want to, your vendors can manage the orders with their own products and the related options. To enable all the orders and sub-orders options, please, refer to the following settings in the → Vendors’ permissions.

Orders permissions

If you give your vendors the possibility to manage their orders, the plugin will automatically create one parent order visible to the admin and one suborder for each vendor with their own products only.

For example, if a customer purchases:

  • 2 products of vendor A
  • 1 product of vendor B

The plugin will generate a parent order with the 3 products and two suborders: one suborder with the products of vendor A and another one with products of vendor B. Each vendor will only be able to see his/her suborder, whereas the admin can see them all.

Orders and suborders

The vendor will be able to see the Orders menu where all his/her suborders are listed and can be edited and processed.

The vendor will be able to see here the product details, the commissions earned from this sale, edit the suborder details, status, and manage also refunds and coupons.

Vendor order details

Other vendor permissions regarding orders

When enabling vendors to manage orders, you can also activate more options. Let’s see them below.


Refunds for vendors will be managed through the standard WooCommerce system, so it’s a manually system that works exactly like for the admin. The only difference is that a vendor can only refund his/her own suborders.

So, to refund a suborder, the vendor can open it, click on the Refund button, select the amount to refund, and confirm.

Vendor refund
Refund in vendor’s suborder

This refund will also be visible to the admin in the parent order details. Commissions will be recalculated.

Refund in parent order
Refund in admin’s parent order

Email to customers

By enabling this option, vendors will be able to send automatic emails related to the order from the Order actions meta box in the order page.

Vendor can email customer

Edit custom fields

If enabled, the vendor can edit also custom fields in the sub-order details.

Edit custom fields

See customer info in the order details

If enabled, the vendor will see the customer info section as highlighted below.

Customer info in order details

See payment info in the order details

If enabled, the vendor will see the payment info section as highlighted below.

Payment info in order details

See billing and shipping info in the order details

If enabled, the vendor will see the billing and shipping info section as highlighted below.

Shipping and billing info in order

Order status synchronization

In the → Vendor permissions page, you will find two more options related to the orders.

Order sync

Parent order and suborder synchronization: enable this option to synchronize all of the changes made to parent orders with the vendors’ individual suborders.

Suborder and parent order statuses synchronization: enable this option to update the parent order status when editing the suborder status.

How is the parent order status set when the suborder status changes? 

  • If all suborders are set to completed, the parent order gets the completed status.
  • If all suborders are set to refunded, the parent order gets the refunded status.
  • If some suborders are completed and other refunded, the parent order status is set to completed.
  • If suborders have different statuses, the parent order gets the processing status. 

Creating orders from the backend

An admin or shop manager can create orders from the backend and add products by one or multiple vendors. Based on that and after the order is created, the plugin will automatically calculate the vendors commissions and vendor suborders visible in the vendor’s Orders page.

Order from the backend before saving
Before saving: no commissions yet
Order from the backend after saving and with vendor commissions generated
After saving: vendor commissions generated

Please, note: vendors are not allowed to create orders from the backend.