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YITH Vendor List

The widget “YITH Vendor List” can be added in any sidebar of your website and shows the list with all enabled vendors in your shop.

Widget - YITH Vendor List

Users have the possibility to access detail page of the vendor: they just have to click on the name that they find in the widget list.
Here is a list with all attributes of the widget:

  • Title: widget name
  • Hide this widget on vendor page: this option allows you to hide the widget in the page of the vendor.
  • Vendor’s amount of products: show the amount of products associated to the vendor, next to the vendor’s name.
  • Hide vendors with no products: this option allows you to hide vendors that do not have any products.

YITH Vendor Quick Info

“YITH Vendor Quick Info” widget adds a contact form which users can use to send a request to site administrator and to vendor.

Widget - YITH Vendor Quick Info

“Name” and “Email” fields get the default values of the “Username” and “Email” of the current user if logged in.
If you want to hide the form to unlogged users, you need to activate the Hide from guest option of the widget.
Enabling the option Send a copy to website owner, the generated email will be sent automatically both to the vendor and the administrator.

You can add the widget to the vendor and product page sidebars.
Concerning the product page, the contact form is shown only if the product is associated to a vendor.

YITH Vendor Store Location

The widget “YITH Vendor Store Location” adds a box in the sidebar with a map (in Google Maps) showing the location of the vendor. You do not have to add any further information, because the map will be automatically generated according to the address added by the vendor in the field Location in the vendor’s admin panel.

Widget - YITH Vendor Store Location

The widget has to be added to WooCommerce shop sidebar but it will be displayed only in the vendor’s page.

As required by Google, support to displaying integrated maps is limited if no API KEY is specified.
For this reason, if you have a Google account, we suggest you enter the API KEY required into the “Google Maps API Key” field at the path “Multi Vendor > Frontpage”.

Google API KEY

For further information, please read this page.