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Commissions settings

From this page, you will be able to control some options related to the vendors’ commissions. Let’s check them one by one below.

Commissions settings

Default commission: set here the default commission percentage of your vendors. You will be able to override this value from both the vendor’s profile and the product detail.

Commissions page view: select here the default view you want to show when you open the Commissions List page. For example, if you want to view all the unpaid commissions instead of seeing them all, just make sure you select here your favourite one.

If a coupon was used, calculate the vendor’s commission:

  • Based on the original product price
  • Based on the discounted price

Example: a customer purchases a product that costs €100 and uses a 30% coupon code. The vendor’s commission is set to 80% and this option is set to discounted price.

The plugin will first apply the discount (so, €100 – 30% = €70) and then will calculate the 80% vendor’s commission from €70, so €56.

If you set this to be calculated on the original price, the plugin will calculate the vendor’s commission as 80% of €100, so €80 commission, regardless of how much the customer actually paid by using the 30% coupon (€70). Be careful when selecting this option, because this could cause the admin to take a loss.

Taxes receiver: choose how to handle the taxes, whether to credit them to:

  • the admin,
  • the vendor or
  • split taxes between the admin and vendor.

Let’s make an example to clarify how this option work. Suppose we have:

  • product A that costs €12 (€10 product price + €2 tax);
  • vendor A who gets 50% commissions on each product sold.

If you select Taxes receiver > Admin, the vendor will get 50% of the product price, that is €5. The remaining 50% and the tax fee goes to the admin, who gets €5 + €2 = €7.

If you select Split taxes between the admin and the vendor, the vendor gets 50% of the product price and 50% of the taxes as well, that is €5 + 1 = €6.

If you select Taxes receiver > Vendor, the vendor will get 50% of the product price, and €2 tax, for a total of €7. The admin will get the remaining 50% of the product price, so, €5.

Pay commissions to vendors during the checkout: enable this option to pay commissions to vendors during the checkout process automatically. This option requires that you’ve enabled at least one of the available gateways for checkout payments from this page, so you will be able to select it in the following option.

Gateway to use on checkout: select the gateway to use on checkout.