Vendors list

Add the shortcode “[yith_wcmv_list]” in the editor of your page to show the complete list of your vendors in the pages of your site.
Shortcode attributes:

  • “per_page”: it lets you activate the paging, selecting how many vendors you want to display. (es. per_page=2) (Default: -1).
  • ”hide_no_products_vendor”: hide the vendors without products (Default: false).
  • ”show_description”: add the vendor description for each vendor (Default: false).
  • ‘description_lenght”: number of characters for description (if enabled) (Default: 40).
  • “vendor_image”: [store/gravatar] allows select the image typology to combine to vendor’s profile, choosing from the default one of the plugin (store) or the gravatar connected to vendor’s email address (gravatar). (Default: store).
  • “order_by”: [name/slug/description] defines the parameter for vendors organization within the list. Note: for this arg the allowed values is ‘name’, ‘slug’, ‘term_group’, ‘term_id’, ‘id’, ‘description’. (Default: name).
  • “order”: [asc/desc] ascending or decreasing order. Allowed value ASC or DSC (Default: ASC).
  • “include”: If you want you can add the ID’s of the vendor(s) you want to show (separated by coma).


Become a vendor

The shortcode [yith_wcmv_become_a_vendor] allows the insertion of the registration form to become a vendor.


To allow your users to become vendors, ensure to select the page where you inserted the shortcode in “Become a vendor” field from plugin settings dashboard in“Frontpage”section.