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Commission status

The commission status is directly bond to the status of the order it’s linked to, and it’s handle in different ways according to whether you are using manual payment or automatic payment through MassPay and PayPal Adaptive Payments.

Please note that since PayPal does no longer support MassPay and Adaptive Payments services, they cannot be activated on new users’ accounts.
Yet, users who had previously activated either PayPal MassPay or Adaptive Payments services can keep using them to manage payments automatically and can refer to the following information for the configuration.

Manual payment

Order status Commission status
on-hold pending
processing pending
completed unpaid

Automatic Payment using MassPay

Once an order is created, its commission is automatically generated on unpaid status, this status will later change into processing.

As soon as your system receives the IPN code from PayPal, the commission status will turn into Paid.

Order status Commission status
refunded refunded
cancelled cancelled

Automatic Payment using PayPal Adaptive Payments

PayPal status Order status Commission status
Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled
Created On-Hold Processing
Completed Completed Paid
Incomplete Payment Method Parallel: On Hold
Payment Method Chained Delay: Completed
Error Failed Unpaid
Reversalerror Failed Unpaid
Processing On-Hold Processing
Pending Pending Processing