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Store page

From this tab, you will be able to configure all the options related to the vendors’ store pages. Let’s see all the options in detail.

Store page settings 1

Header style: choose the header style for the store page, below an example of the 3 available styles where the logo, the header, the vendor’s info and the description appear in different layouts.

Style 1
Style 2
Style 2
Style 3
Style 3

Header size (px): set the size of the header image on the store page. Set it to zero to use the original image size (default: 0 px).

Header colors: set the colors for the header text and background.

Store options 2 - Header info

Show default header image:

  • in all of the stores, vendors can’t upload a custom header image
  • only in stores that do not have a header image
  • never use the default header image

Upload default header image: upload here the default header image.

Show default logo:

  • in all of the stores, vendors can’t upload a custom logo
  • only in stores that do not have a logo image
  • never use the default logo image

Logo size (px): set the vendors’ logo size on the store page

Vendors details to show

Vendor info to show: choose the vendor’s info that will be shown on the vendor’s store page:

  • Description
  • Location
  • Phone
  • Store email
  • Total sales
  • Website
  • Reviews average rating
  • Social links
  • Store legal notes

VAT/SSN label: change the default VAT/SSN label according to your local standards.

Products list title: set a title to show before the products list on the vendor’s store page.

Store widgets

Store widget settings - Google maps

In the last two options, you can set up the Google Maps options to automatically show a the vendor’s store in a map based on the address added.

Google Maps API key: enter the API key. Click here to learn where to find this info.

Show Google Maps link: enable this option to add the “Show on Google Maps” link below the YITH Vendor Store Location widget.

Below an example of the vendor’s store page: