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General information about payment methods

Payment of vendors’ commission can either be done manually or automatically using one of the supported and activated payment gateways.

Manual Payment

It’s up to the global shop admin to manage the manual payment.
To do that, please, verify whether there are commissions to be paid and then proceed to pay them: once this action is completed, commissions can be marked as paid by changing their status from the settings page.

Methods available

Automatic Payment

To enable a default payment on checkout that splits commissions between the admin and the vendors, go to YITH Plugins > Multi Vendor > Gateways and select your preferred payment method from the dropdown menu called Pay commissions to vendors during checkout.


Multi currency support

If your payment gateways support the multi currency option, this plugin will let you pay vendors’ commissions in every currency you have. Meaning that if you are running a multi currency store, commissions will be calculated and paid with the same currency they have been generated.

For example, if you are running a store in Euros and USD, your vendors will get commissions in Euros for orders placed and completed in Euros, and commissions in USD for orders placed and completed in USD.

Supported gateways

At the moment the supported payment methods are the following:

  1. YITH Stripe Connect
  2. YITH PayPal Payouts
  3. PayPal Mass Pay or Adaptive Payments (deprecated services)

1. Stripe Connect

Thanks to Stripe Connect integration, you will be able to issue payments to your vendors automatically and instantly during the checkout. Please, refer to this page to learn more about how to enable and configure this payment the right way.

2. PayPal

Since PayPal does no longer support MassPay and Adaptive Payments services, they cannot be activated on new users’ accounts. Yet, users who had previously activated either PayPal MassPay or Adaptive Payments services can keep using them to manage payments automatically and can refer to the following information for the configuration.

Note: as the above services have been deprecated, you’ll have to install a free module that you can download from this page.

Support for PayPal deprecated services

Automatic commission payment is provided only if vendors have specified PayPal address and you have correctly set your PayPal Business account.
You’ll need to have activated at least one of the two provided payment services: MassPay and PayPal Adaptive Payments (Only available if you already own YITH Paypal Adaptive Payments for WooCommerce).

In the case of automatic payment, the commissions can be paid immediately or only after reaching a specific threshold. The global administrator of the shop can set a payment threshold valid for all the vendors. On the contrary, if any threshold has been set, each vendor can configure a different value directly from their profile.