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General information about vendor’s page

In your site, there is a reserved page for each vendor which includes all the information about his/her profile and the list of products he/she owns.

To have access to the vendor’s page, just add /vendor/vendor-name to the site address.
For example

You can edit the vendor slug through Vendor store slug prefix that you find in the Frontpage tab of the plugin settings dashboard.

Vendor slug prefix

The global administrator can set the Style for header image in vendor store page entry, choosing from two different layouts to show the page, in YITH Plugins -> Multi Vendor -> Frontpage.

Vendor's store page

Double row for header vendor





How the super admin can edit the vendor’s “Frontpage”

The super admin can edit the settings related to this page from the Vendor’s store page section, you will find it in Multi Vendor > ‘Frontpage’ tab.

vendors store page

In this section of the settings dashboard the super admin has a list of things he can do, like:

  • edit the “vendor” slug used in the vendor’s page URL
  • customize the shop link style shown on products
  • choose the layout  of the vendor’s page header
  • customize the vendor’s page colors
  • decide the skin background color and opacity
  • show the logo of each store or let the vendor choose to show it or not
  • use the default image for the vendor shop page header if ther vendor doesn’t have any
  • show or hide the vendor description on the shop page
  • hide the vendor’s name on the products shown on the shop page
  • show or hide the number of sales for each shop
  • show or hide the vendor’s VAT number
  • show or hide the vendor’s website address
  • show or hide reviews average ratings in the header of Store page

Note: even when enabled, the information only shows after the vendor has inserted it. 

How the vendors edit the information related to their shop

The vendors can edit the information shown on the shop page from the Vendor profile -> Frontpage section of their reserved area.

Vendor profile frontpage

The vendors specifically can:

  • insert the shop description
  • insert the image to show in their shop page header
  • insert the contact information for their shop
  • insert possible legal notes to show on their shop page
  • insert the VAT number
  • insert their social account addresses

Can the vendor edit the logo shown?

By default, if the super admin chose the show the vendor’s logo, it corresponds with the gravatar associated with his/her email address.

However, the vendor can decide to change the default logo from his/ her profile and upload a new image in the Avatar entry.

Set custom logo for vendor page

The logo size can be edited directly from the dashboard.

Show live chat icon

To open the live chat, you can also use the related icon available in the social network list.

The icon shows only with the following conditions:

  • YITH Live Chat is active
  •  YITH Live Chat add-on is enabled in Multi Vendor plugin
  • Vendor inserted the value #yith-live-chat in the entry Vendor Profile -> Frontpage -> YITH Live Chat.

Enable live chat icon