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Terms and conditions & Privacy policy for vendors

The plugin allows managing Terms and conditions and Privacy policy page for vendors through specific options available in YITH > Multi Vendor > Front page > Terms and conditions & Privacy Policy page.Terms and conditions and Privacy policy settings

The options for this section are:

  • “Terms and conditions” page: it sets the page for vendors’ Terms and conditions;
  • “Privacy Policy” page: you can select the page where to show vendors’ Privacy policy;
  • Manage Revisions: by enabling this option, vendors will need to read and accept Terms and conditions and the Privacy policy every time they are updated;

Read and accept - My account

  • If vendors don’t accept the new terms: you can choose the behavior to apply if vendors don’t read and accept the updated terms from: keep the selling features for vendors as before, disable the selling features soon after the terms are updated or disable them after a specific number of days since the updated terms;
  • Days: (available only if you choose to disable the selling features after a specific number of days since the new terms update) insert the number of days after which vendors’ selling features will be disabled.

Selling features will be disabled