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Other (T&C, Privacy, GDPR)

In the Other tab, you can handle all the options related to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy for vendors.

Other options

Terms & Conditions page: set the page for the Vendors’ Terms & Conditions by choosing among the existing ones or create a new page.

Privacy Policy page: set the page for the Vendors’ Privacy Policy by choosing among the existing ones or create a new page.

Ask vendors to accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy when updated: if enabled, every time the Terms & Conditions and/or the Privacy Policy are updated, vendors will have to read and accept them again.

If a vendor doesn’t accept the new policies you can choose whether to:

  • allow the vendor to keep selling anyway
  • disable the vendor’s selling feature immediately and until the policies are accepted
  • wait x days after the policies update and then disable the vendors’ selling feature until the policies are accepted.

Vendors will be informed through a warning message in their backend dashboard with a link to My account page > Terms of Service, where they can read the changes and accept the policies.

Accept terms in My Account

If you want to customize the message, you can create a custom announcement to show when the T&C or the Privacy Policy are not accepted. For more details about the custom announcements, please, check this page.


Still on this page, you can also update the GDPR options.


When handling an account erasure request, you can optionally choose to remove the following information:

  • remove the vendor profile information
  • remove user ID in the vendor’s commissions
  • remove the vendor’s avatar and header image from media files

Export commissions in personal data export requests: enable this option to include the vendor’s commissions info when dealing with an an account’s personal data export request.