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Vendors shipping

If you want to allow vendors to manage shipping costs for their own products, you can take advantage of the free Vendors shipping add-on.

First of all, just make sure you enable it from the Modules tab.

By doing so, a new Shipping section will be available in your vendor’s panel, with multiple tabs.

Shipping options

Let’s start with the first tab, the Shipping options:

Enable shipping: enable or disable the module from this option. Use this to temporarily disable the add-on while keeping the settings visible and adjustable.

Default shipping cost: set the default shipping cost to be applied to the entire cart.

Processing time: enter here the time required for the shipping of the products.

Shipping from: here the vendor can enter the location where his/her the products will be shipped from.

Shipping zones

Once configured the options, your vendors can now configure their own shipping zones from the dedicated tab in their dashboard and add one or multiple shipping methods as they would normally do in WooCommerce shipping zones.

These zones and methods will only apply to the products of the current vendor.

Whenever a vendor shipping fee applies to the cart, this will automatically override the general shipping settings.

Shipping zones
Add flat rate

What happens if there are products by multiple vendors in the same cart?

As every vendor will be able to set his/her shipping costs, in case a cart contains products of different vendors, multiple shipping methods and costs will apply, one for each vendor.

Extra costs

In addition to the standard shipping settings, every vendor can also set extra costs based on the number of products in the cart with the following two conditions:

Shipping extra costs
  1. If the cart contains more than X products, add an extra cost of X for each additional product or as a fixed cost for this vendor.
  2. If the cart contains more than X products of the same type, add an extra cost of X for each additional product or as a fixed cost for this vendor.

Example: according to the rules in the screenshot above, an extra cost of €2 will be charged from the second product of the same vendor in cart and an extra cost of €1 for each additional product of the same type. Let’s say, you add the following products:

  • Sunglasses x3
  • Hat x1

It’s 4 products in total, so an extra cost of €6 (€2 x 3) will be added + €2 (€1 for each extra Sunglasses product), so €8 in total.


Finally, in this last tab, the vendor can set a Shipping policy and a Shipping refund policy. If set, these will appear in the Shipping tab visible on the product page next to the Vendor’s tab and the standard WooCommerce tabs.

Shipping policies
Shipping tab with policies

Note: the admin can change the label of the Shipping info tab from the Product page settings.