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How to enable the vendor vacation

By activating the “Seller Vacation” option (in “YITH Plugins -> Multi Vendor -> Add-ons”), vendors will be free to close their shops “for vacation” for a certain amount to time they can decide.

Vendor vacation

With this section, vendors will be free to set their shops as “closed” for a certain amount of time, showing customers a customized message in the vendor page and in product detail pages.

Vacation section

During this period, vendors can decide whether to continue selling their products or preventing purchase them.
The latter will remove the “Add to Cart” button on every vendor’s product, even if these will be available in catalog mode, but removed from the “Shop” page.

Vacation section

If you don’t want to sell products during the vacation and want to keep them hidden, make sure that the option called Show products on Vacation Mode in YITH > Multi Vendor > Frontpage > WooCommerce Pages is disabled: they will not be visible until the vendor vacation ends. This option is only available to the store administration.