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Cart & Order

Still from the General settings tab, go to Cart & Order options to configure the following settings:

Cart & Order options

Show options in the cart page: enable to show the details of the selected options in the Cart page.

Show block titles in the cart page: enable to show the title of the block on the cart page.

Show the replacement image in the cart: enable to replace the product image with the option image in the cart.

Hide options in the order email: enable to hide the selected options in the order email.

Style – free version

In the Style tab, you will be able to configure all the style related options that apply to all add-ons globally.

Block titles: choose here the default heading for the title in the block of options. You can select any tag between H1 and H6, and it will apply to all your add-ons titles.

Block background: set the background color for all block options.

Block padding: set the padding for the content in all block options.

Form style: choose the general style for the form elements: (checkbox, radio, select, input, textarea, etc.):

  • theme style: select this if you want that all style elements are inherited from the theme style, or
  • custom style: set your custom style using the options that will appear below

Checkbox style: choose between rounded or square.

Accent color: set the accent color (e.g. purple in the screenshot below).

Form border color: set the color of the borders in the form (e.g. all other borders of non-selected options – grey in the screenshot below).

Label font size (px): set the font size of all options labels in pixels.

Description font size (px): set the font size of all options labels in pixels.