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Reports (legacy)

For both the vendor and the admin, you can check the Dashboard for detailed reports about your vendors’ sales, which is available since version 4.0.

Yet, we’re keeping also the legacy reports available in WooCommerce > Reports > Vendors.

Please, note: these reports are only available for the admin.


The report is made of two main sections: vendors sales and vendors registrations.

1. Vendors sales

Here you find a report of all sales of vendors’ products.

Report for vendor

Sales report can be filtered using the following filters:

  • Search Vendors: enter the name of a vendor, to display his/her sales only.
  • Top Sellers: select and view the sales report for one of the vendors with most sales on your store.
  • Top Earners: select and view the sales report for one of your top earners.

2. Vendor registrations

In this section, you can find reports about how many vendors have registered in your store.

Report vendor registrati