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Order synchronization

Order synchronization allows you to update the parent order and suborder (also more than one suborder) status automatically if editing one of them.

Orders can be synchronized when:

  • the parent order status changes
  • the suborder status changes
  • both previous cases

Let’s learn about how the synchronization manages the order status change.

Parent-suborder synchronization

The suborder updates automatically when the parent order status changes, acquiring the same status.

To let the synchronization work correctly, that you activate the option “Parent-suborder synchronization”, which you can find in the tab “Vendors” of the plugin settings dashboard.

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Suborder-parent order status synchronization

The parent order updates automatically when the status of one of the suborders changes.

To activate this synchronization, enable the entry “Suborder-parent order status synchronization”.

Suborder-parent syncronization

How is the parent order status set when the suborder status changes? 

  • If all suborders are set as completed, the parent order acquires the completed status
  • If all suborders are set as refunded, the parent order acquires the refunded status
  • If all suborders have the completed and refunded status (related to a partial refund of the parent order), the parent order status is set as completed 
  • If suborders have different statuses, the parent order acquired the processing status. 

Please note: if the parent order has only one suborder, both order statuses are always perfectly synchronized.