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How to edit vendor details

Administration side

You can find a complete list of all vendors registered in section “Vendors”.

List of vendors

Click on vendor’s name to open his/her profile and edit, if necessary, his/her information.

List of vendors

Following you find a complete list of the editable pieces of information.

  • “Name”: vendor shop name
  • “Slug”: vendor shop slug; if the vendor has registered in frontend, the slug will be automatically processed depending on the shop name.
  • “Description”: vendor shop description (shown in vendor shop page)
  • “Header image”: image shown in the vendor shop page
  • “Vendor shop owner”: user to which the shop has been associated. He/she can manage all products in the vendor shop and payment data of the vendor.
  • “Vendor Shop Admins”: name of the user(s) that will be given the role of administrator of this vendor shop. Each vendor shop admin can manage all products of this vendor shop and information displayed in vendor shop page; you can give this role to any user of your shop that you will enter here and select among the results of an ajax search. Vendor shop admin or admins can be chosen also by the vendor shop owner.
  • “Contact information”: contact information shown in the page. Among these information there are also VAT and Company legal notes.
  • “Social Profile”: URL of social profiles associated to the vendor. Social networks available are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Behance and Tripadvisor.
  • “PayPal email address”: PayPal email address used by the vendor
  • “Bank Account (IBAN/BIC)”: IBAN/BIC associated to vendor. It showed in Commissions list.
  • “Enable sales”: this option lets you enable or disable each single vendor’s sales.
  • “Skip admin review”: this option allows vendor to publish new products without admin permission and overrides “Skip admin review” option in “YIT Plugins -> Multi Vendor -> Vendors”.
  • “Commission”: commission percentage owed to the vendor for each product sold in his/her shop. Default commission is the same as the one specified in the tab “Commissions” in plugin panel option, but it can be changed any time using this option.
  • “Registration date”: date in which the vendor shop was created.

Here you find an example of vendor page in which all vendor shop information is collected.

Vendor shop page

Vendor side

If logged as vendor, information about the shop can be edited both in “Vendor settings” and in “Front page” sections.

Vendor settings - Vendor side

Frontpage settings - Vendor side