How users can manage a gift card

In this documentation page, we will analyze all the actions users can apply to a gift card, from purchase to coupon code use.
In order to add a gift card to the cart, the user must fill in the form and insert the required information.

Let’s analyze the important information and their behavior.

  • “Choose your image”: let the customer choose between the predefined images.
  • “Set an amount”: the customer should choose the desired gift card amount, depending on the configuration of the product.
  • “Delivery info”: here, the customer can fill the information related to the gift card, like the recipient data, his/her name and a message for the recipient.

If the form has been correctly completed, the product will be added to the cart, ready to be purchased. The email, containing the gift card code, will be sent to recipients only after the order has been completed.

Gift card on “My account”

Right inside the “My Account” page, all users can keep track of all the gift cards they own. The gift cards are linked to the recipient email user.

As you can see in the sample image, it is possible to have access to orders related to each used gift card. Also, is possible to apply the gift card automatically to the card clicking on the “Apply this gift card” link.