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Gift card images

The plugin allows adding multiple images that can be selected by your customers when purchasing a digital/virtual gift card. These images can be grouped into different categories, for example Christmas, Birthday, Events and so on. These will be used to keep images sorted by topic, but will not appear as separate groups on the frontend.

Gift card with selectable images

Let’s see how to configure gift card images in the right way.

First, you have to activate the Enable the images gallery option from the General tab in the plugin settings panel.

Image gallery tab

By enabling this option, you will also be able to select how many images to display on the product. For example you can display a total of 10 images.

Go to the “Image categories” tab in the plugin settings and add here one or more categories that you will use for your gift card images.

Image categories

Now, go to the Media library and add a new image from there.

Add images from the media library

You can choose to display the media as a “list” to get a better view of the “gift card categories” column, which is empty now.

List mode

Then, you have to add a category to each of your gift card images.

You can either select the image and select the category from the media edit page:

Select gift card category in list mode

If the you are seeing images in grid mode, you will have to enter the category slug in the gift card category input field:

Select category in grid mode

Alternatively, you can bulk assign a gift card category to multiple images from the bulk actions:

Bulk add gift card category

Now users can select a template in the “Choose your image” section from the gift card product page.