How to create a gift card with free version of the plugin

To sell one or more gift card typologies in your shop, you must create a “Gift card” type product for each of them. In this documentation page you find how to set up correctly your “Gift card”product and how users can take advantage of the gift codes they purchase.

Gift cards are created automatically after a user’s order has been completed. Administrators cannot create freely gift cards on their own.

To give users the possibility to purchase a gift card, create a new “Gift Card” type product.

Add new product

You can insert the amount to combine with the gift card or you can insert more amounts to let users choose the value you propose to combine.

Set gift card price

Set up description, image and other potential details just like for any product of your shop and before publishing.

Gift card product

Now the gift card can be sold.

How to get gift card code with the free version of the plugin

The gift card code must be sent to the email address specified during checkout, but only and exclusively after the order has been completed.

Coupon code

Administrators can always recover the codes of the gift cards at any time from the related order detail pages.

Coupon code - administrator side

Users can use their gift cards whenever they want, adding the code in the “Coupons” sections of the “Cart” or “Checkout” pages. Coupon code has the same value of the gift card amount they purchased, but it’s not essential to use it in a single order. Indeed, if the gift card value doesn’t cover the order amount, its remaining balance can be used on other purchases.

Apply coupon