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Configuration – Gift card categories

From the Configuration tab > Gift card categories, you will be able to create unlimited categories for your gift card images. This allows you to have a gallery on the gift card product page, so your users can choose among a list of preset images sorted by category, e.g. Christmas, Birthday, Love, Family and so on.

The image gallery option is supported on both virtual and physical gift cards.

Before starting setting up your gift card image categories, you have to Enable the gallery option from Settings > Style > Gift card page.

Enable the gallery

Then, from Configuration > Gift card categories, you can start setting up your images.

Gift card categories

Enter a name and then click on “Add images” to start uploading your images or select them from the Media gallery.

Finally click on Add new category and it’s done, it appears now in the list on the right.

If you want to edit the category you can simply click on it and you will be able to edit the name and the images in it.

Edit category

If you want to, you can also update the gift card category from the Media gallery, from the box at the bottom. More categories are supported too, you can separate them with commas.

Gift card category from media options

Alternatively, for an easier management, you can also view the Media as list, click on the image and check category boxes.

List view

You can also bulk edit the categories from the Media gallery thanks to the action available in the Bulk actions.

Bulk actions

Now users can select a template in the “Choose your image” section from the gift card product page when you click on the “See more” button.

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Gift card categories on frontend