Check gift card balance (user)


You can type in this shortcode on any of your website pages to display a form, where customers can enter the gift card code and check the remaining balance.


Update gift card balance (admin and shop manager)


Whenever you have to quickly update your customers’ gift card manually, you can use the feature offered by this shortcode that displays a form, where the admin or the shop manager can add the gift card code and the gift card amount used by the customer: this will be subtracted from the gift card balance in a click.

The shortcode supports also negative numbers, so you can increase the gift card amount easily.

This shortcode can be useful in stores where the customer comes with a physical gift card and the store manager needs to update the gift card balance easily and quickly.

To update your customer’s gift card, just open the page where the shortcode appears, enter the gift card code and the amount used (a negative value for the amount to be added): click on Submit and the gift card will be immediately updated.



Currency switcher integration

When activated you can use either the Aelia or WPML currencly switcher plugin in combination with the YITH WooCommerce Gift Card plugin.

gift cards currency switch

After activating the currency switcher plugin, a new option appears in the Gift Cards “General settings” page. Here you can check the Currency switcher to enable the option for your site.


With the WPML integration enabled, it works as another product type. The gift card prices are defined in the default currency, so when the customer selects another currency, the gift card amounts are converted to this currency.

With the WPML integration disabled, the price in the different currencies will be the same as the main product (they are not converted), for example, if you have a gift card of 25$, and the customer selects Euros, he will purchase a 25€ gift card.


With the Aelia integration enabled, the gift card prices are defined in the default currency, so when the customer selects another currency, the gift card amounts are converted to this currency. (The plugins will not work together if the integration is disabled).

WooCommerce Smart Coupons

This button only appears in the YITH Gift Cards settings when the WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugins is enabled.
transform smart coupons
With this feature, you can import “Store Credit / Gift Certificate” Smart Coupons and turn them into YITH Gift Cards in a few seconds. Just click on the “Transform” button. The customer will than be able to use his smart coupons as gift cards in the shop.
It is very important to disable the WooCommerce Smart Coupons plugin, after the transformation or at least delete the transformed coupons. If you do not disable/delete, customers will be able to use both.

YITH Quick Export

YITH WooCommerce Quick Export allows you to export orders, customers and coupons into a CSV file.
The integration with YITH Gift Cards allows also exporting gift cards information into a .csv file.
To benefit from this integration, you simply have to install and activate the premium version of both plugins.
Then, go to YITH > Quick Export > Data Exportation tab and select the Gift Cards checkbox to export all your gift cards. If you want to, you can filter them by date and export only those generated in a certain time frame.
To learn more about the plugin settings, please, read YITH Quick Export official documentation.