Product images

Product images

Main image width: this is the width of the main image on the product page. The theme will automatically regenerate images of the right size without cropping the images. You can resize them at any time.

Thumbnail width: this is the width of the product image on archive pages like Shop page, category pages etc.

Thumbnail cropping:

  • 1:1
  • Custom: you can enter your own ratio here
  • Uncropped: images will use their original ratio



From this page, you can customize some of the standard checkout fields:

  • Company name field
  • Address line 2 field
  • Phone field

And choose whether to make them:

  • Hidden
  • Optional
  • Required

Additionally, you can Highlight required fields with an asterisk

And set custom pages of your website as links for the:

  • Privacy Policy page
  • Terms and Conditions page

Frontend checkout

YITH Booking and Appointments for WooCommerce

When using Proteo in combination with YITH Booking and Appointments, a new entry will be added to the WooCommerce menu.

Proteo - bookable products

Here, you will be able to set the following options for your bookable products:

Bookable product options

  • Enable bookable products layout: yes/no
  • Images to show as grid: select from 2 to 6 products to show

Moreover, three additional skins will be added to those already available.

Booking skins