Page options

Proteo theme adds some options to page and posts.

Title icon

Display an icon in page/post title. The icon can be chosen from a list showing the preview of the chosen icon.

Sidebar position

Sidebar position can be selected globally or specifically for the individual post and page. Use inherit value to use global settings.

Sidebar chooser

Choose the sidebar you like from a list of registered sidebars.

Header and footer

Use this option to hide header and footer or the page. This is very usefull if you want to achieve a particular and unique design of a page (landing page, squeeze page and similar).

This option is also useful if you want to use block menus instead of standard navigation menus.

Header slider

If you use YITH Slider for page builders plugin (it’s free on you have another option named Header slider.

This option helps to integrate previously created sliders into your page header section.

Please note that this option is available only for pages and not for posts.