“Gift this product”: gift card is created with the same amount of suggested product

The option “Gift this product” allows you to create gift cards based on products in your shop.

By activating the feature in the general plugin settings, the “Gift this product” button will appear on every product page. The gift card will have an amount equal to the amount of the specific product, and it will be suggested in the email that customers receive.

gift this product

  • Button label on product page: The text that will be displayed for the “gift this product” button.
  • Shop page button: Show the “gift this product” button in the shop page.
  • Email button actions: What will happen when the customer clicks on the redirect button in the email he received;
    • Suggested product will be added to the cart.
    • Discount will be applied in cart automatically.
  • Email button redirect: Button that will be shown in the receivers email;
    • Redirect to product page.
    • Redirect to page of your choice.
  • Email button label: The text that will be displayed for the “redirect” button in the receivers email.


gift product

gift this porduct