Create a gift card to suggest a product

The option “Gift this product” allows you to create gift cards based on products in your shop.

By activating the feature in the plugin general settings, the “Gift this product” button will appear on every product page. The gift card will have an amount equal to the amount of the specific product, and it will be suggested in the email that customers receive.

Gift this product options

Shipping cost

You will also be able to let the customer include the shipping costs for the gifted product in the gift card cost. If the checkbox is selected, the customer will be able to add the recipient’s delivery address and the shipping cost will be calculated accordingly.

Customize the box

From these settings, you can also configure the style of the “Gift this product” label, icon and description as it appears on the product page.

If enabled, then, on the product page you will see the “Gift this product” box that can be opened by simply clicking on the link/button: here you can fill the sender’s and recipient’s details:

Gift-this-product - shipping

Gift this product email

From the same options settings panel, you can also customize the email sent to the customer.

Note: This feature just suggest the product to purchase, but the gift card will be valid to all the products in the shop, it’s not mandatory to use it in the suggested product.