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Gift card design options

Still in the Style tab, you’ll find a specific section “Gift card design options” that allows you to edit the gift card product image and the gift card gallery. Let’s see all the available options.

Gift card product image

Gift card design options 2

Default gift card image: upload a image that will be used as default product image for all your gift cards. You can, however, override it when you create a new gift card product and leave empty if you don’t want to apply a default image.

Please, note: this setting applies only to virtual gift cards.

Product image

Title for “Choose your image” section: enter a title for the ‘Choose your image’ area on your gift card page.

Gift card image gallery

Enable the gallery: allow users to pick the gift card image from those available in the gallery. Note: images that can be used by customers have to be uploaded through the Media gallery. To make the search easier, you can group images into categories (e.g. Christmas, Easter, Birthday, etc.) from YITH > Gift Cards > Image categories.

If enabled, you will see more options to configure the gallery section on the frontend.

How many images to show: Set how many gift card images to show on the gift card page, excluded the default product image. Other designs will be shown when the customer clicks on “View all” button.

Text for “View all” button

Show image title: Enable if you want to show a title below every image in the gallery when clicking on the “View all” button.

For more details about how to configure a gallery, please, refer to this page.

Custom image upload: enable if the customer can upload a custom image/photo for the gift card. If enabled, you can also see the following options:

Enter a recommended image size (in pixels) for custom images.

Set a max size in MB for custom images (this is a required option).

Upload image options
Upload custom image

Plugin design options

Finally, in the Style tab, you can find the Plugin main color option that allows you to select an accent color for all the plugin related options. This color is used for highlighting the selected image, the selected gift card amount and the overlay color in the image gallery.

Plugin main color
Plugin main color - frontend 1
Plugin main color - frontend 2