Create design templates for gift cards

The plugin allows to insert and organize different gift card images in categories. The gallery could be available to users during the purchase of the gift card.
Let’s analyze all the essential steps to configure the gift card templates correctly.

First, you have to activate the “Enable the gallery” option in the plugin design settings panel.

Go to the “Design categories” tab in the plugin settings and insert all the categories of gift card templates you want to create.

Insert a new image in theĀ “Media library” and edit it. Choose media “list” display mode to get a better overview of the “gift card categories”.

Select the category you want to associate with the image you have created.

If the “Media library” is in grid mode, you will need to write the category slug in the gift card category input.

Also, it’s possible to manage the gift card category in the “Media library” bulk action.

Now users can select a template in the “Choose design” section from the gift card product page.

This section will include a “View all” button, that opens a modal window with all the predefined designs grouped by category.