How to create a “physical” gift card product

To create a physical gift card (non-virtual), make sure that “Virtual“ is not checked. The product setting options are the same as the virtual gift card options. The only difference is, that there is no “email” field shown to the customer since the gift card will not be sent digitally.

Create a physical gift card

By default, the system will associate a code to the gift card, after the order is completed. You will need to replace this code with the code that is specified on the gift card that has been sent physically. You can edit the code in the “gift cards” dashboard.

Set gift card image

By default, each virtual gift card created on the site has the image provided by the plugin. This image can be changed both by administrator, during the creation of the “gift card” product, in the plugin settings, and by user, during the purchase. Let’s see how.

Administrator side

Site administrator can easily override the default image of the gift card in the product edit page, by selecting the new image in “Product image” field.

Also, is possible to set a predefined image in the plugin design options.

User side

To give users the possibility to set a customized image for the gift card they are purchasing, it is essential to activate the option “Enable custom design upload” in the plugin design options.

In this case, users could insert a customized image through the “Upload your photo/design” link in the gift card design section.


Users also have the possibility to select the image of the gift card in a gallery created by the admin. For further details read this post.