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All registers

Go to YITH > Point Of Sale > Registers > All registers to view all registers, logged-in cashiers, and edit the registers.

This is what you can see:

All registers

Here you can get a picture of which registers are available, to which store they belong and if they are currently opened or closed.

You can also quickly enable or disable any of the registers by clicking on the YES/NO button that you find in the table.

Also, whenever you hover over one of the registers, you’ll be able to see more buttons.

Register actions

Click on Edit to edit any details. Please, refer to the Store Register setting for more details.

Click on Delete permanently to remove the register.

Click on Open Register to open a session for that Register.

Register sessions

Register sessions

From this section, you will have an overview of all the register sessions. You can easily identify the session ID, the store, register, opening and closing time, and total sales.

To view the session details, just click on the ID or on the icon on the right and you will have access to the info like in the image below. From here, it is possible to add a note (only if the register has been closed) and download the reports.

Register sessions