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Close Register

The Register closure is a very important step. When it’s time to close the Register at the end of the day, you can go to the menu on the left side of your screen and select Close Register.

This will print a summary with all the following details:

  • Opening date and time
  • Closing date and time
  • Cashiers logged in during the session
  • Total number of orders
  • Total number of products sold
  • Total Cash in hand 
  • Sales by payment method
  • Net Sales
  • Shipping
  • VAT
  • VAT shipping
  • Order tax
  • Shipping tax
  • Total tax
  • Total sales
  • Cash Total in the register
  • Add a note field (if enabled in the Register settings)
  • CSV Closure Report download (if enabled in the Register settings)

Always make sure you close the Register before logging out, otherwise, the register will remain open.

Closing report