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Additional payment methods

YITH Point Of Sale adds more payment methods to your WooCommerce store.

Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payment to see what is available.

Besides the standard payment methods included in WooCommerce, you will see two additional payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Chip and Pin

Both gateways are added by our POS plugin and can either be used for orders on the online shop or from the POS interface.

Cash and Chip and Pin on Checkout page

Cash and Chip and Pin on POS

You will also see two columns that allow you to enable every single payment gateway for the online store (‘Enabled‘ column) and for the POS screen (‘Enabled on YITH POS‘ column).

To make sure that these gateways are visible in the Register, you must enable them in the Register as well.

This may seem an additional step, but it’s actually needed, as you will be able to restrict payment gateways based on the Register, so, in every Register, you can enable either all the gateways or specific gateways only.

Payment methods in Register settings

For more details about how to enable/disable specific payment methods in the Register settings, please, refer to Register settings.