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As soon as you activate the plugin and go to YITH > Point Of Sale, you will see the Dashboard. 

Here, you will find a dedicated report of all orders and sales made through your POS terminals.

POS Dashboard

What you can see in the Dashboard

In the first section of the Dashboard you can see the stats of your shop:

  • orders
  • total sales
  • net sales
  • average order value
  • average items per order
  • items
  • customers
  • coupons

Filter by date

These stats can be filtered by date: you can choose one of the preset time ranges or select a custom one.

Date range filter: presets

Moreover, you can select another time range for comparison.

Date range filter: custom

Filter by store and registers

You can also filter these stats by store and by one specific Register as well:

Filter by store and by register

Compare stats

The trends will be shown in the section immediately below in a chart. Choose the style you prefer between a line chart or a bar chart.

line chart
bar chart

For example, in the following screenshot, you can see sales of the current week (Week to date selected) compared to last week (Previous period selected):

Dashboard stats comparison

Finally, in the last section of the Dashboard, you’ll see a quick summary of sales by payment method and a box with Top cashiers listed by the net amount of sales they have processed through your POS system.