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Can I sync the stock of my online store with my points of sale?

Yes, you can. In that case, you have to set up a general stock value. Whenever you buy a product from the online store or from any of the available points of sale, the stock value will be decreased.

If, on the other hand, you want to manage separate stocks for every of your store, please, enable the multi-stock option. You will be able to add a different value for each store and one for the online shop. Please, refer to this page for more information about stock management.

How can I accept credit card payments from a POS?

The plugin allows you to record orders in your WooCommerce store, so, every new order will either be set to Completed (if no shipping info is specified) or to Processing (if you have specified any shipping information in the order).

The payment can be processed manually, so make sure, you only click on the Pay button after the payment has gone through.

Is there a specific POS credit card reader terminal that will work with your new POS system?

No, no specific POS card reader terminal can be connected to the plugin, so every payment should be made manually.

The plugin creates the order and assigns to it either the Completed status (if no shipping info is specified) or Processing status (if there’s any Shipping line set).

In the latter case, after the products have been delivered, you can manually switch the order status to Completed from WooCommerce > Orders.

Do I have to connect any specific printer?

No, no need to. You can print your sale receipts with any printer connected to your computer. The receipt template is responsive, so, the receipt will adapt to the paper format selected in your printer.

Do you support WooCommerce payment methods?

You can enable any payment gateway supported by your WooCommerce. Yet, the payment has to be processed manually. So, when you place an order, you’ll have to select the payment method, click on Pay and process the payment separately.

Please, read more about this here.

Does the plugin work with Elementor page builder?

Yes, the plugin works well. It does not interfere with pages built with Elementor, so you can use both plugins on your site without any issues.

Can I sell product with decimal quantities?

No, unfortunately, decimal quantities are not supported in the POS.

NF525 French regulation for POS

YITH Point of Sale provides just an interface to place orders, the same as you could place via online checkout.

You should talk about how to declare those sales with your financial advisor. Our plugin creates orders using WooCommerce API, nothing more.

For example, the NF525 norm wants the “transactions” cannot be modified after being placed and this is NOT true for WooCommerce orders.